Reasons for Nodules on Your Thyroid


Thyroid nodules are solid or fluid-filled lumps that form within the thyroid. The reason for these nodules is because the lymphatic system is blocked from draining metabolic wastes and cellular debris. The reason why the lymphatic system is blocked is because blood is slightly polluted. The reason why the blood is slightly polluted is because the liver’s bile flow is not flowing optimally. The reason why the bile duct is congested is because of suffering from chronic constipation. (Am I correct?) Chronic constipation means daily bowel movement is being impeded, or even if not so, not enough waste is being expelled each day. The reason for chronic constipation comes probably from the diet, and consuming way to much dairy, or eggs, either now or in the past.

Taking too much iodine may make the situation worse. There needs to be a balance between iodine and the other minerals that occupy the thyroid — specifically, selenium. Like sodium needs potassium, calcium needs magnesium, iron needs copper, so should there be an iodine, selenium balance in the thyroid.

For chronic constipation, try shatavari for a few weeks, to keep the bowels moving.
For proper liver function, try kutki, from Banyan Botanicals. This herb is a natural liver healer.
For lymphatic system support, try manjistha, from Banyan Botanicals. This herb is one of the best at unclogging a stagnant lymphatic system.
To replenish the body of minerals, selenium may be more important than iodine — specifically selenomethionine. Try a whole food multivitamin called Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin. It’s all natural ingredients.

In summary, try:
Shatavari for your colon
Kutki for your liver
Manjistha for your lymphatic system
Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin for selenium and whole-body nutrition.

These should clear up the nodules and many more potential ailments!

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