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Thank you for visiting my site — I  guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed, and even if you are, it won’t be because of something I did 😉

I have been ill for much of my life — doctors couldn’t help me other than to say it was all in my head. I finally realized that if I wanted to heal myself, I’d have to do it myself. So, around 2016, I finally decided to do my own research, and learn what was causing my chronic stomach problems, my leg edema, my high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I decided earlier that I was not going to take any synthetic drugs, since they never cure anything, and since I’d have to take them for the rest of my life. Not to mention the fact that they cause liver problems — and in my case, severe liver cramps!

I know there are many people out there going through the same exact thing I had to go through. I’ve been blessed to learn things that could save lives, and it would be my honor to share them with as many people as I possibly can. Anything less would be selfish!

In addition to healthy eating with a variety of special vegetables and fruit, I also supplement. Among my favorite supplements are  wild Siberian chaga (which you can find on this website), magnesium glycinate or malate, P5P (the coenzyme form of vitamin B6), copper (from organic bee pollen, acerola or Atlantic oysters), carrot or carrot juice for its beta carotene (i.e. pre-retinol/pre-vitamin A), and sometimes, pycnogenol, to monitor inflammation or bloating anywhere throughout the body. I often take various herbs also, such as guduchi, manjistha and olive leaf extract, which are good for the liver, the lymphatic system and the blood.

I’ve done some laborious research and I think my gift is to be an avid researcher. I’ve discovered things that most people could never dream of rationalizing, reasoning or even realizing needed to be researched. If you want to improve your health, I encourage you to give my uniquely named website — BIOinvigoRATE — a try. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Yours enduringly

Mark Kenneth Williams

a.k.a. Diogenes II