Rheumatoid Arthritis: What It is and What to do About It


Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammation of the synovium (synovial membrane containing synovial fluid) in the joints, that acts as a source of lubrication to the joints. White blood cells activated by the adrenals are sent into the synovium for some strange reason. This process causes inflammation and swelling. Science defines rheumatoid arthritis as an autoimmune disease in which the body is attacking mainly joint areas of the body. But what really is rheumatoid arthritis, and what is causing it?

In truth rheumatoid arthritis is your adrenal glands attempting to get rid of unbound iron that is stuck in and hijacking the cells surrounding your joints and other areas! It is a symmetrical condition that causes heat and conditions that may appear to be anemia. In reality, it has nothing to do with anemia.

Contrary to popular belief, the stomach acid in the human body is rather weak, only capable of digesting max 40 grams of animal protein per day. It really doesn’t matter if it’s grass-fed or not. So, if you consume a typical serving of steak, only about 15 percent of that will be digested, while the rest is expelled, or stored in the blood vessel walls and connective tissue as collagen fiber. If these storage places are saturated, then the body has no choice but to turn the excess undigested protein into various acids, namely, nitric, sulfuric and phosphoric, similar to auto battery acid. These acids often require minerals to buffer them in preventing the body from becoming too acidic. This mineral requirement depletes the rest of the body of minerals needed elsewhere.

Our body runs on about 25 milligrams of iron every day — ONLY 1 mg should come from the diet, while the other 24 mg should be recycled by the body, from within the body. There are many breakfast cereals offering 18 to 25 mg of iron filings in just ONE cup serving! We are suffering from iron overload and toxicity from the wrong type of iron, not anemia.

An easy way to manage excess iron in the body from becoming oxidative stress — a fancy term for rust — is to consume natural products that contain bio-available copper. Copper regulates iron in the body. Natural vitamin C found in amla or acerola is the way to go! Organic bee pollen is another good choice. Pollination does not occur without copper, meaning, bee pollen contains natural copper. Also, grass-finished liver contains both copper and retinol. (Copper needs retinol to be itself metabolized properly). One ounce per day would be ideal.

An extreme option to getting excess unbound iron out of your body would be to donate one liter of blood every six months to a year, which is equivalent to ridding your body of 250 mg of iron, each session. Still another option would be to use IP-6, on an empty stomach, away from food and supplements. IP-6 a.k.a phytic acid, will help chelate unbound iron out of your body. This product also chelates other important minerals, such as calcium and zinc. So you would want to replace these minerals with food-rich sources.

Furthermore — and there are other toxins and heavy metals that may initiate or aggravate rheumatoid arthritis in individuals. For example, glyphosate, which is a herbicide and drying agent sprayed on crops to keep weed away is a potent example. Glyphosate disrupts mineral metabolism in the body, causing a depletion of mineral homeostasis. The usual process to make decaffeinated coffee also causes various toxins to accumulate in the final product, thus many people are developing rheumatoid arthritis from consuming decaffeinated coffee. All of this can be mitigate or even avoided by consuming only organic foods (or certified organic even better) and by avoiding known products — like cigarettes and pharmaceuticals — that are made with or exposed to toxins.

How to fix rheumatoid arthritis: You get rid of the unbound iron out of the cells through fasting and with herbs such as turmeric with coconut oil, which actually helps get rid of iron. You also need bio-available copper, not zinc! You also need to cleanse the blood of nitric-, sulfuric- and phosphoric- acids that developed from a high animal protein/dairy diet. You also need to watch out for any food or product that may expose you to toxins and heavy metals.  And you need to maintain a healthy colon through daily bowel movements — thus limiting the possibility of any toxic build-up of iron, or any other toxins and heavy metals.

So in summary, to reduce the effects of or prevent rheumatoid arthritis:

Minimize animal protein intake

– Practice occasional intermittent fasting

– Minimize synthetic iron intake

– Increase bio-available copper with amla, acerola, or organic bee pollen

– Eat one ounce of grass-finished liver per day

– Donate 1 liter of blood or use IP-6 to chelate unbound iron out of your body

– Take small amounts of turmeric with coconut oil

Eat organic foods only and avoid any product that may have a hint of toxins or heavy metals

– Move your bowels daily


Healing Lyme Disease


Lyme disease is a condition with various flu-like symptoms, along with various other aches and pain, that comes about ultimately from a weakened immune system. It is often attributed to a bacterium from tick bite.

Lyme disease is more of a symptom to a disease rather than the disease itself. The actual disease is a weakened immune system and methylation defect. Supposedly, you could be bitten by a tick, and then have the bacteria lay dormant for years, even decades, without you even knowing you were ever bitten or infected. A detox cleanse or a weakening of the immune system can then suddenly bring the infection to life.

Beside through skin, nose or mouth, the pathway to pathogenic infections for many people also comes through another source: the ears! Our ears have minimum defense against many and any pathogens. Many people think that to destroy these pathogens they must alkalize their body. Actually, many pathogens thrive in alkalinity and push away acidity. Thus, to “acidify” your ears, consider using 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide ten minutes before taking a shower. You can use a dropper to administer the peroxide. 3% only. You can do this once every six months.
Second way to acidify the body from pathogens is to acidify the stomach, by using a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water before meals. Do this for about 3 weeks. (Continuous use of apple cider vinegar is not recommended. Such can damage the fragile tissues of the esophagus and the duodenum. It can also damage teeth enamel.)

Next, you need to remineralize your body. Simply put, methylation is a process that keeps us alive and well, and that happens intricately in our cells, chemically adapting the structure of our DNA with the use of nutrients, enzymes and co-enzymes. Among the main players in the process are the genes S-Adenosyl methionine (SAM-e), S-Adenosyl-l-homocysteine (SAH), and Adenosylhomocysteinase (AHCY.) During the methylation process, SAMe sends SAH to the AHCY enzyme. If AHCY is defected (these defects are labeled heterozygous or homozygous), it will not let SAH through, thus causing a toxic buildup of SAH. Toxic levels of SAH can actually shut down the entire methylation process! AHCY also becomes defected when it is lacking its co-factors: magnesium and manganese. The Lyme bacteria — Borrelia burgdorferi and rarely, Borrelia mayonii — feed on and deplete these minerals from your body. Also another enzyme, SOD2 (superoxide dismutase 2, a.k.a manganese-dependent superoxide dismutase) which is responsible for protecting the mitochondria, needs manganese to work efficiently. One study found that this bacterium substitutes manganese for iron in its diet, and that this pathogen is the first known organism to live without iron. You however only need about 2 mg of manganese per day to be up to par. (Too much manganese, on the other hand, can be dangerous.)

Other cofactors are depleted from someone with Lyme disease. These include zinc, copper, taurine, vitamin D3 and vitamin C. Instead of purchasing these separately, you can obtain a natural supplement that contains all of these minerals, vitamins, amino acids, etc. One such supplement is called Naturelo One Daily multivitamin. When choosing a vitamin supplement, it is important to insure that it is from natural sources, and not synthetic. It should contain beta carotene rather than retinol, P5P rather than B6, folate rather than folic acid, organic kelp rather than iodine, and cherries or berries rather than ascorbic acid for vitamin C. Naturelo contains all these natural sources.

If your vitamin D3 level is inadequate, consider natural vitamin D3 found in sunlight or natural food sources. The sun is a natural healer, capable of rearranging minerals in the body, taking them to places they need to be and away from other places they are less needed. This thus balances hormones. Consider at least 20 minutes of sunlight 3 or 4 times per week, exposing the fattier parts of your body. The best time to effectively absorb the UV-B rays from sunlight are between the hours of 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. If sunlight is not practical, consider food sources found in various mushrooms and lichens.

To further boost your immune system, consider taking Pau d’arco tea for about one to two month, along with wild oregano oil, olive leaf extract and andrographis. These act as powerful natural antibiotics, capable of destroying a plethora and wide range of pathogens. I’ve heard some people say this method alone resolved their Lyme disease issues. Be warned of a flu-like symptom known as the Herxheimer-reaction. This comes about due to the sudden mass die-off of these pathogens, and the destruction of the tissue-cells they infected.

Collagen is also depleted with Lyme disease. Natural vitamin C will rebuild this. Among the best source is amla (berry). A second source is acerola (cherry.)

If you are having heart palpitations or high blood pressure, then the problem originated from a defected liver, not the heart! Consider going to Chinatown and purchasing one of their most famous herb products: Dan Shen. Use it for two months and see what happens to the palpitations! Also consider pure pomegranate juice and Ubiquinol in conjunction.

In summary to effectively heal Lyme disease, try:

– 3% hydrogen peroxide in the ears once every six months.

– A natural multivitamin such as Naturelo One Daily, which contains magnesium and manganese

– Natural sunshine for its vitamin D and other healing powers

– Natural antibiotics such as Pau D’arco tea, oil of oregano, olive leaf extract and andrograp‌his

– Natural vitamin C found in amla or acerola.

Fibromyalgia: This Pain Must Stop!


Fibromyalgia — often accompanied with fatigue and irregular sleeping patterns — is a widespread inflammation of muscle tissue throughout various parts of the body, causing pain and tenderness. Currently medical science has classified its origin of unknown cause. In this article, we will examine more closely the possible core cause of fibromyalgia, and natural remedies to alleviate its symptoms.

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome, which means it’s like putting many puzzle pieces together to conclude what it is. It is not simply diagnosed with a blood test or any single test at current. Totaling up tender-points that trigger pain is the main method used to determine whether or not someone has this condition. Many people who are diagnosed are actually not suffering from this condition. Simply increasing certain minerals, like iodine and selenium, have corrected symptoms that appeared to be fibromyalgia. Simply decongesting the gallbladder has given pain relief to some who taught they had incurable fibromyalgia.

If you have fibromyalgia, it was initiated by some type of stress trauma you may or may not be aware of. Your critical concern should be on knowing how to hydrate your tissue cells — not just your body — but specifically tissue cells. Did you know that inside your brain cells consist of about 85% water/fluid? The reason why your cells are dehydrated is because they are corrupted with toxic deposits, such as heavy metals, including unbound iron, making them unable to “breathe”/function properly. A quick way to fix this dehydration problem is by sipping water — not just any water: hot water. One or two sips of hot water every half an hour throughout the day will cleanse and rehydrate your tissue cells. It will also make you lose excess weight safely. (Water should be boiled for 20 minutes, then stored in a stainless thermos to keep/remain hot.)

Additionally, you should be consuming at least four (4) cup of regular — preferably spring — water throughout the day. Stay away from caffeine; and even decaffeinated tea. Decaffeinated beans can be more acidic than caffeinated. This can create the onset of a host of health problems, including quadrupling the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

Instead, drink Ojibwa tea — hot. Research this tea — this alone can significantly improve the conditions created by fibromyalgia.

Turmeric with coconut oil will help remineralize your cells, as well as re-oxygenate them. Turmeric is particularly full of rich macronutrients, such as magnesium, and micronutrients, such as copper, which makes it work so well.

There are studies showing CoEnzyme Q10 (or its reduced form, Ubiquinol) reducing levels of lipid peroxidation and pro-oxidative markers in the serum of the blood; in addition to reducing fatigue, pain and soreness. CoEnzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) and its reduced form, Ubiquinol, are molecules naturally produced in the body, known to have antioxidant effects on a cellular, mitochondrial level. It helps in creating ATP, thus boosting systematic overall energy.

Pau d’arco and olive leaf extract are also two of the most effective natural antibiotics in the world, destroying a plethora of pathogens (beware of the Herxheimer-reaction though, which may last less than one week or up to two weeks).

Consider also getting more vitamin D naturally by exposing much of your skin to the sun at least at the right time. Sunrise or sunset are great times to expose your naked eyes to the sun, while between the hours of 10:30 AM and 3 PM are the best times to expose your skin, including chest and stomach, to the sun’s UV-B rays. Consider also supplementing vitamin D found naturally in mushrooms and lichens.

It will not hurt also to increase your intake of natural vitamin C found particularly in amla (berries) or acerola (cherry) — my two favorite sources. Natural vitamin C helps heal inflammation, thereby reducing oxidized LDL cholesterol. Natural vitamin C also contains an enzymatic form of copper, which gives our bodies an electrical boost. Centenarians are known to have high levels of copper.

Avoid aspartame, tobacco (products), fish oil, flaxseed (oil), gluten, chia seeds, iron supplements, high-fructose corn-syrup, ascorbic acid and any type of pharmaceutical medicines (if you can): these all exacerbate fibromyalgia.

So in summary, to help alleviate the symptoms of fibromyalgia:

– sip hot water

– drink more spring or filtered water

– avoid caffeine and decaffeinated tea

– drink Ojibwa tea

– take turmeric with coconut oil

– take a good brand of Ubiquinol

– try pau d’arco and olive leaf extract

– find sources of natural vitamin D, including sunlight, mushrooms and lichens

– try natural vitamin C found in amla or acerola cherry and

– avoid harmful products.




Tuberculosis (TB): What it is, and what to do about it.


A lot of people get sick during the winter because their vitamin D level is low? Not so! A lot of people get sick during the winter because their immune system is compromised! Low vitamin D is only an indication of a compromised immune system. Yes, you will feel better replacing D3, but that DOESN’T fixes the problem.
TB (Tuberculosis) is not a low vitamin D problem. TB is an iron toxicity and acidity problem in the lungs and surrounding area, causing bacterial infection/infestation! Taking high doses of D3 supplement will cover the problem — then make it WORSE!

The vitamin D from the sun is different from the vitamin D3 in supplements. True sunlight — the UV-B rays and others — has a strong impact in healing many diseases, including TB. In contrast, supplementing 20,000 IU of D3  (even with K2-MK7) will make you feel better, while simultaneously making your health worse. While supplemental D3 is increasing your D3 level, it is also DEPLETING your magnesium level, your vitamin A level, your copper level and your zinc level — the very things that are MOST needed with TB infection!
Vitamin D3 supplement is not candy. You cannot be supplementing  20,000 IU per day– because you just can’t. Anything over 1000 IU is toxic.

I do consume D3 supplements, but from lichens; rather than the cholecalciferol rat poison made from sheep-wool.
There are many herbs that may show promise in building back up the immune system of someone with TB. Pelargonium sidoides, aka African geranium, may be one to consider. Other immune system building herbs are guduchi, andrographis, olive leaf extract and eclipta alba. All of the aforementioned herbs have two things in common: they destroy bacteria and reduce inflammation. They are also loaded with immune support  minerals.

Reasons for Nodules on Your Thyroid


Thyroid nodules are solid or fluid-filled lumps that form within the thyroid. The reason for these nodules is because the lymphatic system is blocked from draining metabolic wastes and cellular debris. The reason why the lymphatic system is blocked is because blood is slightly polluted. The reason why the blood is slightly polluted is because the liver’s bile flow is not flowing optimally. The reason why the bile duct is congested is because of suffering from chronic constipation. (Am I correct?) Chronic constipation means daily bowel movement is being impeded, or even if not so, not enough waste is being expelled each day. The reason for chronic constipation comes probably from the diet, and consuming way to much dairy, or eggs, either now or in the past.

Taking too much iodine may make the situation worse. There needs to be a balance between iodine and the other minerals that occupy the thyroid — specifically, selenium. Like sodium needs potassium, calcium needs magnesium, iron needs copper, so should there be an iodine, selenium balance in the thyroid.

For chronic constipation, try shatavari for a few weeks, to keep the bowels moving.
For proper liver function, try kutki, from Banyan Botanicals. This herb is a natural liver healer.
For lymphatic system support, try manjistha, from Banyan Botanicals. This herb is one of the best at unclogging a stagnant lymphatic system.
To replenish the body of minerals, selenium may be more important than iodine — specifically selenomethionine. Try a whole food multivitamin called Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin. It’s all natural ingredients.

In summary, try:
Shatavari for your colon
Kutki for your liver
Manjistha for your lymphatic system
Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin for selenium and whole-body nutrition.

These should clear up the nodules and many more potential ailments!

Overcoming Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto’s


Hypothyroidism is an under-active thyroid condition caused by the thyroid gland not producing enough thyroid hormone. This results in familiar and characteristic symptoms often striking older women. The condition is said to be autoimmune if it is not resolved by iodine or any other mineral sufficiency or if these mineral-increase causes swelling and further irritation on the thyroid. The supposed autoimmune condition of hypothyroidism is known as Hashimoto’s disease. Most hypothyroidism is elevated to the level of Hashimoto’s. Here I will discuss what I believe to be the true cause of this and that condition, and the protocol needed to correct it, including NATURAL B, C and D vitamins, magnesium, manjistha, and a reduction of unbound iron.

From my research, hypothyroidism and/or Hashimoto’s are not caused by an auto-immune disorder — but by an adrenal dysfunction. The thyroid makes only one TRUE hormone, while the adrenals make at least 50. The adrenal glands control the immune system. If there is something wrong with your immune system, then there is something wrong with your adrenal glands. The adrenal glands consist not only of the two things on top of your kidneys — it consists of your entire skin structure. Your skin cells ARE your adrenals!

If you have developed hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s, you surely are low on vitamin A. Vitamin A is carried by a transport protein called transthyretin (TTR). This protein also carries T4 — the inactive hormone made by the thyroid — a.k.a thyroxine. If there is no vitamin A (retinol), then there may be also low or no proper T4 transportation, either from TTR damage or nutrient deficiency. Then there may be no bio-available conversion of T4 to T3! To improve bio-available retinol in the blood, we need it from our diet. Grass-fed butter and grass-fed/grass-finished liver will actualize this process. Carrot(s) because of its beta carotene content, which converts to a smaller percentage of retinol in the body, is another option. Our adrenals also love retinol.

What else does our adrenals like? Natural vitamin C — lots of it. Natural vitamin C also has a transport protein, called tyrosinase, which carries numerous molecules of bio-available copper. If you want to feed your adrenals, then give them amla or acerola cherry: all sources of natural vitamin C.

Another best thing that our adrenals like is the natural B vitamins. Bee pollen contains all the natural B vitamins your adrenals need, especial vitamin B5, which your adrenals really love. (Taste-test to make sure you’re not allergic to it though.) Bee pollen also contains bio-available copper.

Contrary to popular belief, we do not need as much vitamin D as you may think. 60-80 ng/ml of vitamin D is actually too much. Too much vitamin D creates massive amounts of hydrogen peroxide. Though hydrogen peroxide is a free radical that is needed to a certain degree, too much of it will damage your cells. A vitamin D level of 45 nanograms per milliliter is actually ideal.
You have hypothyroidism and/or Hashimoto’s because you are internally inflamed and clogged with undigested protein in the vessel walls of your capillaries. Your lymphatic system is clogged. An ayurvedic herb called manjistha will unclog it.

In dealing with inflammation, the internal body loses one mineral faster than any other — even by something as simple as stress — yet that mineral is arguably the most important: that mineral is called magnesium. When magnesium leaves, it takes other minerals like potassium and copper with it. Magnesium is like the glue that keeps all the other minerals in place and together. A loss of magnesium will eventually create an inferno of inflammation throughout the body. Not only do you need to replace magnesium daily — it must also be absorbable. If magnesium oxide or magnesium carbonate comes to mind when you think about replacing magnesium, you are sadly mistaken. The absorption rate of these forms of magnesium is pathetically low: 4% or less. Consider instead magnesium glycinate/malate/taurate/citrate.

Vitamin B6, in the form of P5P, further increases magnesium absorption throughout the body on a cellular level. So does healthier salts, namely, Kosher salt (Diamond crystal) or Pickling salt.

If there is inflammation anywhere in the body, there is almost always an ample supply of iron — but not just any iron: destructive, unbound iron, rusting the targeted tissue area. If iron is not attached to hemoglobin or whatever else it should be attached to, it roams freely, causing chaos and inflammation. The thyroid appears to be one of unbound iron’s favorite target. To reduce hypothyroidism\Hashimoto’s, a protocol to reduce this form of iron must be implemented. Consuming the vitamins and other supplements previously mentioned, in their natural form, would be a way to turn unbound iron back into useful iron, your body can absorb properly. Another way is to take IP-6 on an empty stomach, away from food and other supplements. IP-6 is known to chelate iron, along with zinc and calcium out of the body. So naturally, you would want to consume foods with more zinc and calcium during this process.

If you have the condition listed in this article, you may consider stop taking medications, and consider the natural route. Medication has a tendency to make things feel better temporarily, while making thing worse permanently. As a start, consider taking:

Grassfed butter/liver: (liver should be no more than one ounce per day).

Carrots (three per week)

Natural vitamin C (amla, acerola cherry)

Bee pollen


Magnesium (glycinate, malate, citrate, taurate)


IP-6 on an empty stomach


Below is a good website to purchase natural vitamin C: Acerola cherry: