The reality is that health and healing can be very tricky and confusing.  People make mistakes — including myself. Mistakes in the human world is inevitable. That is why I often update my articles as I learn more. Don’t be surprised that an article I wrote 6 months ago is dramatically changed at the present moment.  My goal is not only to inform or be right,  but to also be upfront and honest!

If I have an update to add to an article,  I will notify you here, and may also add it at the end of that article,  in red, just like here 😉

Some recent corrections/updates:

March, 2021

*** I hope to present many more exciting topics and articles to Bioinvigorate — I haven’t written a new one since January,  2020. The reason: through some odd phenomenon, I lack motivation. Each day, I try to build back up that motivation — and I will find it soon. Look forward to more articles on fighting cancer, high cholesterol, low libido, histamine sensitivity,  edema, osteoarthritis, SIBO, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, dehydration, hormonal imbalances and much, much more.👍🏼

*** In the article, “Cancer: Learn How to Beat It!“, I stated, “A cell becomes cancerous when its oxygen level is reduced to around 35 percent.” What I should have said was, “A cell becomes cancerous when its oxygen requirement is reduced by around 35 percent.” In other words, if a cell is operating at only 65 percent of its oxygen requirements,  then it may be considered a cancerous cell. My mistake was corrected.

February,  2021

*** In some of these articles, I have been recommending you get your copper from food sources, such as oysters, grassfed liver, pistachios and acerola.  But I also recommended that you can supplement to receive quicker results.  I was recommending ionic copper supplements.  Now this is how I put it: I recommend a bioavailable chelated or ionic form of copper that works for you. Copper as a supplement is not easily absorbable, so it is up to you to do your homework, and find one that works for you. And contrary to popular belief,  copper is only toxic if you are using a form that is lacking bioavailability, such as that found in copper pipes.

*** In some of these articles, I was recommending donating blood once every four months. Many people are nutritionally deficient and dehydrated on a cellular level, and donating blood for these people will not be suitable. Now, I’m still recommending donating blood, but only once or twice per year. It is up to you to make sure that you are properly hydrating and eating properly months before attempting this procedure.

*** Recent expansion has been added to the article: “Reverse Alzheimer’s disease!”

*** Recent addition has been added to the article: “Rheumatoid Arthritis: What It is and What to do About It.”

*** I have expanded on the article: “Cancer: Learn How to Beat It!”

*** I erroneously stated that the cecum was in the small intestine.  That error was corrected. The cecum is considered the beginning of the large intestine.

*** I often recommended vitamin k2 mk7.  I recently found out that mk7 has two isomers: cis and trans.  Cis is always synthetic,  whereas trans is more bioavailable,  or more natural.  The Japanese fermented soybean product, natto, is where I would look for in supplementing k2, which is trans.  Or you may want to call up manufacturers to find out if their k2 mk7 products are all-trans.

*** Recent addition has been added to the article: “Crohn’s disease: A Disease Caused by Trauma!

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