Aluminum toxicity: What We Need to Know


Getting rid of heavy metals like aluminum may not be as easy as one thinks. It can sometimes take years even if you are doing everything right, with the right ingredients. If you have aluminum toxicity, then this means you automatically have mercury toxicity. If you have mercury toxicity, might as well we add tin toxicity, lead, thallium, cadmium, nickle, arsenic and cesium.
Aluminum affects the brain more than any other system of the body, impairing memory and cognition. It replace nutrient minerals in enzyme binding sites. When this occurs, the metal alter thousands of enzymes meant to feed the mitochondria — thus starving the cells of nutrients and functionality. We then need to talk about not autophagy, but mitophagy: the cells’ necessity to destroy mitochondria in hopes of replacing them with new and better ones.

Turmeric with coconut oil will help in fixing the damages caused by aluminum toxicity.

Generally speaking, to get rid of heavy metals, you need a chelator — something that grabs the heavy metal. And you need a binder, something that directs the heavy metal out of the body.
I am currently using IP-6 and modified citrus pectin to accomplish both, at night on an empty stomach. IP-6 (aka phytic acid) must be taking away from foods and supplements because it depletes said, on contact.

Do you have heavy metal toxicity? Did you have a hair mineral analysis test, or stool test done?
If you want to get rid of heavy metals fast, make sure all of the mercury fillings in teeth are methodically removed by a “biological dentist.”
Usually, if you are heavy metal toxic, it means one thing: you are nutrient deficient!
You must supplement: Activated silica, Magnesium glycinate/malate 400 mg, ionic copper 2 mg, amla/acerola berry, organic bee pollen (test for allergies), sea kelp, l-selenomethionine.
If you can’t afford these, then try:
– Naturelo Multivitamin (all natural)
– Turmeric with coconut oil
– Chaga tea.

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