Epilepsy: Correcting the Tonic-Clonic Seizures


Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by “abnormal” electrical discharges in the brain. It is triggered from the brain not getting enough oxygen and disparately agitating the nerves to supply more. Symptoms of the classic epilepsy include sudden, unpredictable or “unprovoked” seizures and other health issues, that occur on a chronic basis. Thus the difference between epilepsy and the many dozens of other seizures is that epilepsy happens repeatedly. To heal epilepsy, high dose vitamin D3 is often recommended to actually seeing visible signs of improvement! The Ketogenic diet has also been used to curb symptoms of epilepsy in children. Here, I will dig deeper, by dealing with what I believe is the core instigator of epilepsy: too much unbound iron in the blood and tissues, too little oxygen in the cells that carry oxygen, too little magnesium and the co-enzyme B vitamins, too little natural sunlight and the benefits of natural sunlight, including vitamin D, a lack of bio-available copper, and especially a lack of sleep.

There are two distinct categories of epilepsy: Generalized onset and Focal onset. Generalized onset occurs apparently all over the brain at once, while focal onset occurs at a specific region, on one side of the brain. The most familiar form of seizure occurs under generalized onset, under the subcategory: tonic-clonic seizure. This is the most extreme form of epilepsy and involves loss of consciousness and  violent muscle contractions.

There is perhaps another category of seizure categorized as Unknown onset, that may initiate outside of the scope of the brain.

Allopathic medicine often treat epilepsy with medication, surgery or neuromodulation (nerve stimulation). In the case of medication, one, two or three anti-epileptic drugs would be initiated if the patient’s condition is receptive to such. In the case of surgery, resective surgery or laser ablation surgery would be implemented to remove a small amount of affected brain tissue or heat brain tissue, respectively. In the case of nerve stimulation, neuromodulation equipment is used to stimulate the vagus nerve in the neck, officially known as vagal/vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), or equipment is used to stimulate the brain directly where seizure occurs, officially known as responsive neurostimulation (RNS). At BIOinvigoRATE however, we always seek to exhaust all natural forms of healing before implementing allopathic methods for chronic diseases!

That free, unbound iron that is not attached to hemoglobin or anything may in fact oxidize and rust vital organs of the body, including the brain. To heal epilepsy, this rogue iron which has built up in all the wrong places and has reached the brain, needs to be eliminated from the body. One such way of doing this would be to donate blood once every six months to one year. Also using IP-6 on an empty stomach, away from food and other nutrients will help chelate and eliminate this form of destructive iron out of the body. By doing this, the brain should automatically have an increase in oxygen. (Be careful with IP-6, as it also chelates other minerals such as zinc and calcium out of the body.)

Another way to decrease iron and inflammation throughout the body is by increasing absorbable magnesium. Seek out leafy greens and other foods high in this mineral. Also supplementing would be beneficial. Magnesium glycinate or malate have a high absorption rate. Also increasing your intake of vitamin B6 in the form of P5P will automatically increase your magnesium absorption. Magnesium is very effective at decreasing whole-body inflammation. P5P will aid magnesium along that effort, along with other sources of natural B vitamins — such as found in bee pollen. It is worth emphasizing that the B vitamins are very effective toward increasing magnesium absorption and additionally, stabilizing neurological disorders!

The sun too is a wonderful healer of epilepsy, providing balance and homeostasis of all the minerals in your body, while increasing the vitamin D level naturally as well, to ideal levels. There are foods also that will aid in increasing your vitamin D level. These include irradiated mushrooms and lichens. Vitamin D turns into a hormone in the body, and is a powerful aid in regulating the immune system — thus regulating your general health to optimum performance.

Other methods that may aid in the healing of epilepsy include earthing and “tree hugging.” Earthing — exposing your bare feet to moist/wet grass (or soil/sand) is said to be very beneficial in balancing your body’s natural electrical charge. The underneath of our feet is very porous — and is susceptible to the benefits of nature and its healing powers, including the earth’s electrons. Tree hugging also rearranges your inner life forces and balance from one organism to the next — that being plant revitalizing life and homeostasis to human.

On speaking of electrical charge, the human body is operated by electricity. The mineral most responsible for this is copper. With the element carbon, and the micro-mineral copper, there is electricity. Knowing how to increase bio-available copper will also increase the electrical power of your body. Oysters and grass-fed/grass-finished liver would be excellent and appropriate sources of copper. Bio-available copper can also be obtained by supplementation. A bioavailable, chelated or ionic copper supplement may be an excellent source, temporarily.

Perhaps the greatest trigger of epilepsy is a lack of proper sleep. A lack of sleep increases stress and malfunctions the vagus nerve — that large nerve responsible for “rest and digest”. There has been one particular herb that has shown promise in utilizing the vagus nerves, thus bettering sleep, thus reducing stress; thus reducing outbreaks of epilepsy. That herb is called blue vervain. (Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, the “anemic” and those on blood thinners should avoid this herb however.)

In summary, epilepsy is not a permanent disease in which there is no hope. You may find relief with the right protocol. Decreasing unbound iron, increasing magnesium with P5P and other (natural-sourced) B vitamins, increasing sunlight and other natural sources of vitamin D, being out in nature, earthing and tree hugging; increasing bio-available copper, and improving sleep quality with the herb blue vervain are the most natural and effective ways I’ve discovered thus far in the quest to fight against epilepsy!

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