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Acne (acne vulgaris) is manifested as a skin condition, affecting the bust of the human profile, i.e. the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders, and sometimes even extending to the buttocks — often causing extreme self consciousness and indignation to its victim. Acne is materialized when the oily secretion of sebum, that lubricates the hair follicles and skin pores become congested with dead skin and condensed sticky oil debris. Bacteria then proliferate to agitate the condition and cause further inflammation. Many of the alcohol-laden and dehydrating creams and techniques used today do more harm in exacerbating than in fixing an acne problem.

This skin disorder is often a condition caused by some sort of repressed hatred for something, or someone. Hate in traditional Chinese medicine is stored and built up in one particular organ: the liver. Furthermore, if you have strong emotions stored in the liver, then you also have clogging of that liver, with either sludge, gallstones or intrahepatic stones. If these things occur, then bile — a substance that the liver produces to digest fat — is reduced. Our liver should ideally produce one quart or over of bile per day — that’s a lot! If your liver is compromised, then you may not be even producing fifteen percent of that. If you have acne problems, most likely, you have bile problems.

Why is bile so important? Bile helps digest fat, turning it into smaller molecules so the digestive system can handle and the small  intestines can absorb it. If fat is not being digested, then retinol also is not being metabolized. Retinol is needed to nourish the skin and keep it oily. Otherwise, you have dry skin, or sticky skin, susceptible to toxins and bacteria. Furthermore, if bile is not being produced to digest fat, then the animal protein you eat is also not being digested, since protein needs fat to digest properly.

Furthermore, if bile is not being produced properly to digest fat, then calcium is not being digested and absorbed properly; then vitamin D, E and K are also not being absorbed properly. Then carbohydrates and other sugars are not being digested properly. Thus the lack of bile, caused by an angry liver, causes a cascading event leading to a toxic liver, and toxic blood, and congested lymphatic system, and toxins ultimately depositing in our skin from the inside-out. The manifestation of acne is only the visible iceberg to the real chunk of ice beneath the layers.

On surface, we see acne manifested as pores consisting of blackheads and whiteheads — from air and non-air exposure respectively. We also see it as nodules and pustules — bump-like growth beneath the skin and pimples with pus respectively. And then sometimes we see it as devastating cysts — a form (cystic acne) that penetrates deep from within the skin! Many suffering from this condition, in desperation, overly wash and scrub their faces hard — spreading the infection and making things worse.

So, what is the solution? There are fortunately many avenues you can take to heal acne. But your focus should be on fixing the liver, increasing bile flow, reducing anger, and cleaning toxic blood.
As a superficial quick-fix, guduchi powder mixed with amla powder into a paste will quickly heal up acne when applied for a period of time to the infected areas. As a prolonged healing process, these two herbs should be used internally, as a tea or in capsule form for a time to help heal the root of the problem.

Another topical application would be to make a paste out of a fine clay called pascalite. This clay differs from regular bentonite clay in that it doesn’t swell up when wet. It may very well remove acne when applied regularly over a period of weeks or months! You can order at pascalite.net.

As previously mentioned, since your liver is clogged, this produces toxins in the blood and clogs the lymphatic system. An herb called manjistha will reinvigorate the blood, and will help unclog the lymphatic system, so that it may drain toxins properly once again.
To speed up the process of detoxifying the blood, you can also add modified citrus pectin, which binds to toxins, and take them out of the body through the alimentary canal.

Food-wise, you want to reduce artery clogging animal muscle meat and dairy, while simultaneously start eating more grassfed/grassfinished liver (6 ounces per week). Why? This contains bioavailable retinol, copper, zinc and vitamin B12 — critical nutrients needed for someone with acne. You may also use oysters, (about 3 ounces per week) for its very bioavailable copper, zinc and selenium content. Oysters from the Atlantic ocean is ideally free from toxins.

You may also want to donate blood every six months to a year if you are suffering from amenorrhea. Bacteria thrives in a body filled with unbound iron. Unbound iron causes rust and inflammation of the organs. Donating blood will help mitigate this.

And finally as an added bonus, you may want to try organic bee pollen for its natural B vitamin content. B vitamins are essential for anyone with digestive, neurological or skin problems. Particularly vitamin B5 in a derivative form called Pantethine (in moderation) will nourish the  adrenal glands, thus reducing cortisol, thus reducing stress, thus reducing eventually, acne. (Taste test the pollen to make sure that you are not allergic.)

So in summary, acne, as well as many other skin conditions are caused by an angry liver, lack of proper bile flow, congested blood and a clogged lymphatic system. To effect healing, try

Externally: Guduchi + amla paste to affected area:

Externally: Pascalite clay (paste) applied for twenty (20) minutes to an hour, per day

Internally: Guduchi + amla + manjistha in tea or capsule form

– modified citrus pectin (on an empty stomach)

– Reducing muscle meat and dairy

– grassfed/grassfinished liver (organic)

– Atlantic oysters

– Donating blood every six months to a year to reduce unbound iron

– Organic bee pollen + Pantethine.

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