Healing Parkinson’s disease


Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by movement abnormalities, uncontrollable shaking, stiffness and lack of balance. In the later stages of this disease, dementia symptoms is likely to occur. In Parkinson’s, a large number of particular cells in the substanti nigra (dark mid-brain region) die earlier than they should. As a result, the remaining cells cannot produce enough dopamine to keep the body’s motor system running smoothly.

When two-thirds or more of the some 990 thousand neurons in the substantia nigra are damaged, Parkinson‘s is revealing. What goes up must come down, but in the case of Parkinson‘s, what goes down, is coming all the way back up — all the way into the brain. The toxic chemicals we are ingesting in the intestines is backwashing upwards. When someone has Parkinson‘s, eating healthy is no longer the main issue. Unclogging and detoxification all that toxins is. Focusing on eating healthy at this point is like putting an air-freshener next to a clogged toilet. We do need to eat healthy though, especially foods containing B vitamins, like sweet potato, black beans, asparagus and crimini mushrooms — but to really heal, we need to unclog the toilet.

Under normal circumstances, our body inevitably loses about ten percent of dopamine each decade in early adulthood — but with Parkinson’s, the level of dopamine decrease is astronomically accelerated. In the case of nourishing the substantia nigra, there is a legume called mucuna pruriens a.k.a. velvet bean – which is a bean that is a good source of L-DOPA (a direct precursor to dopamine).

If you have Parkinson’s disease, remember one thing: your digestive tract is full of old, hard feces, because you were not eliminating everyday. To activate and maintain daily bowel movement, try the ayurvedic herb shatavari. Vitamin B1 works too: 50 mg temporarily. So does high dose amla. An herb called cascara sagrada will work for really stubborn constipation!

Because you were not moving your bowels everyday, the liver clogged up with intrahepatic stones; the gallbladder clogged up with gallstones, the lymphatic system clogged up with toxins and undigested proteins from animal products, the cells’ mitochondria clogged up with heavy metals instead of minerals and vitamins needed to function. Noticing the key words: “clogged up”. These heavy metals include cadmium, cesium, aluminum, tin, mercury and iron — yes, when iron is unbound, roaming freely, it is quite destructive — reaching the level of being a heavy metal; and a very destructive one at that!
To decongestant the liver, try
– Kutki (Swedish bitters, Burdock root or Artichoke extract works well too)
– IP-6 ( on an very empty stomach)
If you rather not do IP-6, donate 1 liters of blood every 6 months to a year to get rid of the free, unbound iron that is literally rusting your liver. And for those with Parkinson’s disease, the rusting has already reached the brain!
To decongest the lymphatic system, try:
Red root or manjistha. Manjistha is the lymphatic system decongestant.
To remineralize the body, try a natural source multi-vitamin/mineral, like Naturelo Whole food multivitamin.

People with Parkinson’s disease will also tend to have low vitamin D3 levels. Low vitamin D3 levels means inflammation — the body is internally hot and inflamed. The low vitamin D3 level does not only mean they need to increase their D3 level — it also means they need to increase their magnesium level. There is a co-relation between magnesium and vitamin D3. If D3 is low, then magnesium is low. If you increase magnesium, then D3 will automatically increase as well. And, naturally increasing D3 through sunlight, or through food sources like lichens or irradiated mushrooms may automatically increase magnesium levels as well.

So in summary, to reverse Parkinson’s disease, as a quick fix, try,

  • Mucuna pruriens, due to its natural dopamine content.

To maintain sustainable healing:

  • Move bowels daily. Shatavari, B1 and high dose amla helps. Cascara sagrada works for really stubborn constipation!
  • Cleanse your liver. Bitters, particularly kutki, will help. Swedish bitters, Burdock root and Artichoke extract works well too.
  • TUDCA, which is a water soluble bile acid, may increase bile flow.
  • IP-6 -inositol or donating blood will help rid excess, toxic iron inflaming the cells.
  • Red root or manjistha will help keep the lymphatic system moving.
  • A natural multivitamin, such as Naturelo Whole food multivitamin, will help remineralize the body.
  • Magnesium and natural sources of vitamin D3 will reduce inflammation, as well as restore the lack thereof of these nutrients.


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