One or More Avocado(s) Per Day: Good or Bad?


Many things that are bad for our bodies disguise themselves as being good. Lots of people drink coffee because it makes them feel good. Proponents of eating a whole or more avocado daily argue that it contains lots of vitamins and minerals like potassium, so it must be good — and, the more the better. What they fail to realize is that avocado also contains sulfur — though sulfur is needed for our bodies, it takes specialized enzymes to metabolize it. Many peoples’ digestive system are compromised, not able to break down sulfur into a constructive form their bodies can utilize, but instead accumulating the mineral to toxic levels, attracting binding heavy- metals and microbes.

The over-consumption of avocado can mimic good health within our bodies for months or even years without any apparent side effects. This positive reaction is not because of the avocado itself — but comes from the increased activation of our immune system to fight the ill-effects of the substance. You may develop clearer thought and clearer skin tone, thinking that it’s because you are doing a good thing.

Avocado is a complicated and fatty, fruit-berry. It should not be consumed everyday. It should be treated more as a medicine than as a food source. (If there is mixed message in the Science World about the effects of avocado, that should raise a red flag to us consumers.)
Only about 1/4 of an average-sized avocado should be consumed within a meal/day. Furthermore, it is ill-advised to consume this fruit-berry more than three/four times per week. So, if you desire avocado, 1 average-sized avocado should last you for the entire week.
Avocado is a sinister fruit, with a double-edged sword. A little of it can be OK, while too much can become, eventually dangerous!
For some people, avocado can be dangerous at any amount — these people should avoid avocados completely. I’ve witnessed some utter the adverse reactions they’ve had to this berry, that ceased only after they discontinued use.
We should listen to our animals — if things such as xylitol and avocado are harmful to them, so too could these things be harmful to us!

The sinister way in which avocado is grown is another dead giveaway that something is not right — that something is not natural. Avocados have become a hybrid fruit with critical changes to its molecular structure throughout the centuries and even more so throughout recent years. The massive amount of water needed to grow this tree, and the destruction of pine trees in replace of these avocado plants is another sinister indicator that something is not natural.
Scientific review of the effects, good or bad, of avocado long-term, is incomplete. For that reason alone, one should consider it wise to limit their intake of avocados!

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