Osteoporosis: The Root-Cause


A condition whereby the bone becomes brittle and weak, developing tiny holes, and causing the potentiality of fracture — that is osteoporosis. I have found osteoporosis, and its forerunner osteopenia, are caused by the most fascinating of reasons. And it’s not a need for more dietary calcium, as is widely believed amongst allopathic practitioners.

Our liver is the singular, largest organ within our body. Its priority is to store, to detoxify and to produce bile. This bile is stored in the gallbladder, ready to be triggered into the bile duct when especially fat is ingested. If the bile provided for fat breakdown is insufficient, then the fat remains undigested, causing a cascade of malfunction initiating in the small intestines, then in other parts of the body. When fat is not absorbed, calcium is not absorbed either. The blood then seeks its necessary requirements of calcium from the bones: the birth of osteopenia!

But what causes the liver to malfunction and minimize its production of bile? It is stones formed — intrahepatic stones and gallstones, made up of calcium deposits, cholesterol and heavy metals, clogging the liver from performing its natural duty. Among the heavy metals, unbound iron is often the greatest offender.

The elderly tend to be set and stubborn in their ways. A stubbornness towards  taking calcium is no exception. Someone they love and trusts told them calcium was the best thing for bone and osteoporosis. Be patient with them — I too use to think calcium was the Holy Grail of minerals. But of course, it’s not — I was wrong.

Anyone taking high doses of calcium supplements may soon suffer from depression. They will suffer from depression not because of their osteoporosis, but because an increase in calcium decreases magnesium, and that creates a magnesium to calcium ratio imbalance. A magnesium- calcium imbalance is the root of depression. We should be taking magnesium to regulate calcium, and NOT calcium supplements to regulate anything.

What is bone? Bone is a living tissue, breaking down and regenerating itself on a microscopic level at any given moment. It is highly made of protein collagen. Protein collagen is soft, but made hard and flexible by calcium and other minerals. But even more, what is inside bone? Bone marrow! What minerals are in bone marrow? Vitamin A, vitamin K2, copper, manganese, magnesium, silica, selenium, iron — correct? Collagen protein is made of many things, the least of which is calcium.

Silica is more important than calcium for bone health, and is needed for bone density, flexibility and even for calcium absorption. Silica, or its more absorbable form — orthosilicic acid — needs stomach acid to work. To those who are taking antacids, beware. Antacids neutralize stomach acid and mineral absorption!

The mineral boron is also well known by science to play an important and critical role in both bone and joint health and proper functioning. Boron activates cells known as osteoblast, which are responsible for creating new material to build new bone.

The main culprit for osteoporosis is an iron toxicity in the liver, wreaking havoc on bile production. Unbound iron may also be leaching into bone marrow and the bone itself, puncturing little holes and making bones brittle. Our diet should only consist of 1 mg of iron per day. Look around the elderly’s kitchen — don’t be surprised to see stuff loaded with enriched wheat flour, which basically means, synthetic iron and synthetic B vitamins. To get rid of this excess iron, you need ionic boron!

Menopausal women are susceptible to osteopenia and osteoporosis due to hormonal levels dropping significantly. Men with low testosterone are also vulnerable to osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Contrary to popular belief, milk may not make the bones strong from calcium. Milk contains phosphorus. Phosphorus competes with calcium for absorption — phosphorus often being in the winner. Be careful with the over-consumption of phosphorus. All forms of sodas are culprit.

So what have we learnt? To fix osteoporosis:

We need to fix the liver to jump-start the adequate production of bile again

We need to remove gallstones and intrahepatic stones

We need to stop taking calcium and things that contains synthetic iron such as breakfast cereals.

For liver health and revitalization, an ayurvedic herb called Kutki has been renowned for rejuvenating a dying liver. A bile acid supplement called TUDCA can increase bile production.

Start taking magnesium (glycinate or malate), vitamin K2-MK7, bioavailable boron, bioavailable silica and something with natural copper in it. These are the critical nutrients needed to build strong bones again. Natural vitamin C contains copper. Acerola or amla are excellent sources.

Restless Leg Syndrome: The Cause and the Correction


Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a condition whereby there is an irresistible urge to move the legs due to dis-ease of the legs and feet. This simple act of moving the legs, or similar body part, effectively causes temporary relief of symptoms — an itch you cannot scratch, the feeling of tiny creatures crawling in your legs. The RLS condition most often occur at rest, and often at night, thereby preventing the person from being able to rest or sleep. Medical science has termed this condition as idiopathic, meaning of unknown cause.

I speculate the origin of this dis-ease may reside in the world of liver and gallbladder malfunction, leading to:

– heavy metal toxicity, mainly unbound iron toxicity disguised as iron anemia, caused by a lack of especially bioavailable copper to regulate the iron

– a lack of vitamins, namely certain B vitamins, like thiamine (B1) and folate,

– a lack of natural vitamin C that would otherwise maintain collagen, prevent bleeding and balance other minerals, and

– a lack of absorbable magnesium to buffer inflammation and toxicity. (Some people have claimed spraying magnesium on their legs and feet gave them almost instant relief.)

This liver and gallbladder malfunction then lead to neurological effects, and disturbances of the magnetic field of the body. Some people have even reported a relief of symptoms just by rubbing dry soap on their calf area and feet. Could it be the ingredients in soap are acting like a buffer to the magnetic disturbances — could it be a grounding effect to static electricity?

When the body becomes acidic, inflamed and heated, this attracts not only cholesterol (oxidized or otherwise), but also pathogens to the area site. The affected area literally becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses or fungi, caused by said toxicity and chronic lack of nutrients.

If you are having restless leg syndrome, then you are most likely suffering from a liver problem to some degree. The liver is not metabolizing the nutrients out of the foods you eat properly, and the bile from the gallbladder is not properly binding toxins to be expelled out of the body. This then leads to a build up of toxins, and clogging of the gallbladder with stranded toxic bile.

Many of us have liver congestion due to the fact that the gallbladder is filled with gallstones — not allowing bile to flow and recycle properly to digest and metabolize our foods.
There are two ayurvedic herb, namely, kutki and guduchi, that heal most liver problems, gallbladder dysfunctionality and even spleen and pancreatic malfunctions.
A defected liver causes a mineral deficiency of every kind. Vitamin B deficiency is surely partly due to the fact that your liver is not working properly.
I recommend taking natural vitamin B found in either of these two forms:
1. Bee pollen
2. RNA/DNA (RNA/DNA is made from brewer’s yeast, which contains natural B vitamins.)

In addition I recommend taking:
P5P: This is the co-enzyme form of vitamin B6 which is involved in more than 200 metabolic processes. It is the most absorbable form of vitamin B6. It also aids with magnesium absorption.
I also suggest taking:
grass-fed butter, which will provide you with natural vitamin B12.

So in summary, your restless leg syndrome may be caused by a defected liver, clogged gallbladder, heavy metal toxicity, iron build up, mineral deficiency, acidity, inflammation, and pathogenic infection. For these, take:

• Kutki for the liver (1/4 teaspoon), or

– Guduchi for the liver (1/4 teaspoon)

• Ionic copper to help regulate unbound iron (1.5 mg to 2.5 mg)

• Bee pollen for the B vitamins, or

– RNA/DNA for B vitamins

• P5P for extra absorbable B6 (25 – 50 mg)

• Grassfed butter for B12

• Acerola or amla for natural vitamin C

• Magnesium glycinate or malate (400 mg or more), and

• Natural antibiotics, such as olive leaf extract, pau d’arco and oil of oregano to destroy pathogens.

Skin Rashes from Sun Exposure: How to Deal with It


If you suffer skin sensitivity from sun exposure, the sun is not your problem: your liver, colon, lymphatic system and kidneys are your problem. They are not doing a good job, for whatever reason, detoxifying your body. It could be due to chronic constipation, gallstones in the gallbladder, lack of bile flow, unbound iron in the blood, metabolic wastes and dead cellular debris building up in the lymphatic system. It could also be chronic nutritional deficiency. It could be heavy metals such as aluminum, cadmium, mercury or lead. It could even be the very minerals and vitamins meant to nourish your body, acting as toxins. However, the cascade almost always starts with gallstones originating from the liver clogging up the gallbladder and obstructing bile-flow.

If you are not moving your bowels everyday, undigested food will rot, and toxins will build up. These undigested food releases putrefying toxins in the bloodstream, then the tissues and organs. If the body is unable to digest food protein, for example, it will store it as collagen fiber in the blood vessel walls. If it is unable to store as such, then this protein is converted into nitric-, sulfuric- and phosphoric- acids — similar to battery acid. Your body then becomes more acidic, creating an ideal environment for pathogens. If you have chronic constipation, you must increase your vitamin B1 level, until problem is resolved.

Many people with this condition will discover that they may have low vitamin D levels. If you do have a low vitamin D problem, what that really means is that you have a low magnesium and high calcium problem. Please read that again. The vitamin D in your body is actually keeping low on purpose to save you from calcium toxicity, and magnesium deficiency. Your body is inflamed internally. What you really need to do is increase your magnesium level. In fact, the root of depression is an imbalance between the calcium/magnesium ratio.

Okay, your skin is reacting to the sun, even though the sun is supposed to be a natural healer. The reason for your rashes is because your liver is no longer able to detoxify toxins efficiently, causing your blood and lymphatic system to become “polluted.” These pollutants/toxins then lodge in the basal wall membrane of your capillaries, depriving your skin of oxygen and nutrients.

Your skin essentially can’t “breathe” because of these toxins clogging it. Ideally, the sebaceous glands in your skin produces a fluid called sebum. This fluid nourishes the hair follicle and adds luster to the hair. It also serves as a natural anti-pathogenic agent for the skin. The lack of it will hasten dry, sensitive skin.

Here’s also what I would do in order of importance to help heal a sun sensitive skin — these may work for other skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, etc:

  • Wild Siberian chaga
  •  Guduchi
    Add 1/4 teaspoon each of these in hot water… Or boil them for an hour or so. Sip hot in a thermos throughout the day. I personally do this three times per week. Discard the sediment that settles on the bottom. Wild Siberian chaga is better than any other type. Both guduchi and chaga heals the liver.
  • Manjistha: this herb WILL unclog any congestion in your entire lymphatic system. Red root is also another good herb for this. I use them often, when needed.
  • Magnesium glycinate/malate 400mg daily. These absorbable forms of magnesium will increase your vitamin D3 level EVEN if you stop supplementing on D3.
  • Grass-fed/grass-finished (organic) liver. This contains natural vitamin A, B12, choline, iron, folate, zinc, copper. Consume 4 to 6 ounces about once per week — even if you are vegan/vegetarian. You can also buy desiccated grass-finished liver online.
  • Atlantic oysters. These contain ideal levels of copper, zinc and selenium. Try this also once per week.
  • Organic bee pollen. This contains natural B vitamins and copper. Taste test on your tongue first to make sure you’re not allergic. Natural vitamin B is needed for so many things.
  • Natural vitamin C found either in amla or acerola. I consume these supplements almost everyday. They heal damaged, oxidized tissues.
  • Try to donate about 1 liter of blood once every six months to a year. You are iron toxic. Iron toxic means you have a lot of unbound iron, acting as a heavy metal or free radical, destroying your tissues. Unbound iron is not attached to hemoglobin, or anything, like it should be. Glaucoma is an iron toxicity problem. Unbound iron has an affinity for lodging itself in the liver, and destroying it, and causing skin problems.

In summary, to alleviate skin rash caused by sun exposure to the skin:

– Be sure to be moving your bowels daily ( Vitamin B1 helps)

– Try chaga/guduchi tea for its whole-body healing effect

– Try manjistha for your lymphatic system

– Try magnesium to reduce inflammation

– Eat grass-fed/finished liver once per week for its rich mineral content

– Eat oysters once per week

– Try organic bee pollen for its copper and B vitamin content

– Try natural vitamin C (amla/acerola) for wound healing and nourishment

– Donate blood once or twice per year.



I’ve recently discovered another herb that appears to possess protection against the effects of Sun-induced damage, specifically against Ultraviolet-induced damage to the skin, when taken orally. Skin damage was reduced from both UVA and UVB radiation. That herb is called polypodium leucotomos.

It is also said to be effective against some cases of psoriasis, while also boosting the immune system. 


Cancer: Learn How to Beat It!


Cancer, also called malignancy, is a disease in which defected cells divide rapidly and steadily, and in the process, destroying body tissue. Cancer is really a cellular mitochondrial dysfunction, caused from lack of certain nutrients, an increase in toxins, and thus a massive reduction in energy output. There are over 100 known types of cancers, depending on their  location. Here, I will discuss how cancer is formed and the things we need to do to prevent such.

A cell becomes cancerous when its oxygen requirement is reduced by around 35 percent (or more). Causes for this loss of oxygen is proposed to be an imbalance of mineral ratio in the cells, an imbalance of hormonal ratio surrounding the cells, and high levels of unbound iron and other heavy metals hijacking the cell. Such other heavy metals include cadmium, aluminum and mercury. These all contribute to a reduction of cellular metabolism and ATP.

Cancer cells’ ATP is significantly reduced compared to normal cells. For example, a normal cell may produce up to 36 ATP with a single molecule of glucose, while a cancer cell output may only be 2 ATP through anaerobic glycolysis. There lies the mystery why cancer cells must duplicate so rapidly: to increase ATP totality from anaerobic glycolysis!

Our immune system normally keeps cancer cells in check, even those in the millions and hundreds of millions. But when these cells proliferate into two or three billion at a given site, a tumor is forming, and the immune system’s ability to fight or keep them under control becomes compromised.

The environment around cancer cells become very acidic, causing inflammation to the affected, surrounding tissues and organs. It is said that the cancer cells themselves are not particularly acidic — but create an acidic environment by their activities. Depending upon what part of the body we’re talking about, a (cancer) tumor can grow in an acidic environment, while another may for various reasons prefer an alkaline environment.

Contrary to popular belief, the viruses, bacteria or fungi found in cancer cells are not the cause of the cancer. They merely occupy these cells because the condition of the cells allow them to flourish. These same pathogens if placed in the cells of someone with healthy, non-cancerous cells, will not survive. These pathogens do not cause cancer, but are attracted to the cancer. In fact, many of these pathogens may serve as a beneficiary to the victim of the cancer cells, keeping these cells restrained and less lethal. These pathogens when destroyed by natural antibiotics also causes the cancer cells to spontaneously destroy along with them.

The onset of the formation of cancer cells and their proliferation always begins with stress — including metabolic, physical, and especially emotional or mental stress. Stress changes the environment and pH of the cells from alkaline to acidic or from acidic to alkaline. Reducing all types of stresses also reduces the formation of all types of cancers. Reducing stress also reverses the proliferation of cancer cells. But maintaining stress can bring back cancer cells that were already eradicated. In other words, even if one gets rid of cancer, he or she could still have a reoccurrence because of not eradicating the mental stress that helped cause it in the first place.

Conventional methods used to treat cancer in allopathic medicine do more harm than good in reversing cancer cell proliferation. For example, an oncologist will tell their patients that they need to reduce the fever that was initiated by cancer. But a fever caused by cancer is a purposeful healing process jumpstarted by the immune system to burn up that cancer. Oncologists also use resources such as radiation and chemotherapy in an effort to avert the proliferation of cancer cells. But both of these methods are foreign and poisonous not only to cancer cells, but to healthy cells as well.

I will list for you a host of herbs/supplements/vitamins you will need in the fight against cancer.

1. Chaparral (dried): This is one of the best, if not the best herb, to fight cancer. It boosts the immune system, increasing absorption of vitamin C in the adrenal glands and thymus. It also destroys cancer loving pathogens: it’s antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. Indeed, it also blocks cancer cells from dividing.

2. Turmeric with coconut oil: 1/4 teaspoon. This is perhaps the second best herb for cancer! It is anti-inflammatory. Turmeric reinvigorates apoptosis in cancer cells — a process where cancer cells self-destruct, leaving normal cells intact.

3. Pau d’arco tea. This is perhaps the third best. It enhances the antioxidant effects of chaparral. It also destroys cancer-loving pathogens. (Pau d’arco should however be sourced only from the inner bark of the tree of origin.)

4. Red clover blossom. This will balance your hormones. Many cancers, such as breast and prostate, are initiated by hormonal imbalances.

5. Guduchi. This will unclog your liver and gallbladder of gallstones. It also boosts the immune system. It cleanses the blood, preventing it from becoming too acidic.

6. Siberian chaga tea. This will protect the mitochondria of your cells from cancer cells. Containing many important minerals, like magnesium and copper, needed to fight cancer, this fungal mushroom also boosts the cancer destroying antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD), destroying cancer cells, and turning superoxide back into water.

7. Organic sea kelp. This will provide you with needed iodine (150 -250 mcg). Everyone with cancer is deficient of this trace mineral on a cellular level.

8. Vitamin D from sun exposure. Everyone who has cancer is deficient of this vitamin. It will prevent tumors from forming. So consider going shirtless at least three days per week in the sun to obtain the full spectrum of healing.

9. Vitamin K2 mk-7. If you take D3, you must balance it with K2 mk-7 (100 mcg). K2 should always be in its natural trans form, found, for example,  in natto — a Japanese fermented product.

10. Amla. This herb containing natural vitamin C will burst cancer cells that have already formed. It is one of the best herb-berry both in preventing and fighting cancer.

11. RNA/DNA. This will protect your own body’s DNA. It will also provide you with the necessary B vitamins.

12. Andrographis. This herb may have an anti-proliferative effect on and destroy pathogens that feed on cancer cells.

13. Olive leaf extract. This will destroy pathogens that feed cancer cells. (Beware of the Herxheimer-reaction, that may last for one to two weeks.)

14. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)/ Ubiquinol. This quinol antioxidant is found in every normal cell and is needed to liven the cell, reinvigorating its mitochondria to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP.) Cancer cells’ aerobic mitochondrial ATP is greatly reduced — though both healthy cells and malignant cells CAN rely on anaerobic glycolysis for energy, cancer cells ALSO rely heavily on the fermentation of glucose rather than the normal process of aerobic glycolysis, or its backup, anaerobic glycolysis.

15. Bentonite clay. Only perform this once or twice per month, on an empty stomach, away from food, to bind and flush out heavy metals and toxins.

Now, these are the foods to eat:

1. Carrot/carrot juice. The beta carotene in the carrot will park in your cell, and the cancer cells will attack that instead of your own body. You can blend it if you like. Retain the fiber.

2. Blueberries/Bilberries. These will protect your cell’s DNA. Bilberries also contain a phytonutrient called anthocyanin, which acts as a free radical scavenger, believed to target cancer cells.

3. Broccoli sprouts. (NOT Brussels sprouts!) These are one of the best cruciferous vegetables to fight any cancer. Broccoli sprouts contain powerful compounds to fight many cancers, like breast, prostate and urinary cancers. Sulforaphane is one of the main compounds currently being touted by science as having an affect against these cancers.

You can easily grow your own broccoli sprouts at home by purchasing certified organic broccoli seeds. Sprouting takes between four (4) to seven (7) days.

Be careful about consuming too much broccoli sprouts,  or any cruciferous vegetables,  as they can deplete iodine from your body.

4. Red cabbage. This cabbage contains lots of interesting properties to fight cancer. Like bilberries, it contains anthocyanins, to help fight cancer-generating free radical.  Additionally,  this cabbage is full of beta carotene,  vitamin C and bioavailable iron — all things needed to fight cancer.

5. Cucumber. Minerals and phytonutrients in cucumbers have been tested to be ideal in fighting cancer cells, particularly of (the hard to fight) pancreatic cancer cells. These phytonutrients include dozens of phenolic compounds,  carotenoids and the well studied cucurbitacin compound. The peel and seeds are the most nutrient-dense parts of the cucumber.

6. Organic kale. Compounds such as carotenoids and glucosinolates may help destroy many cancer cells in the body.  Additionally,  kale is abundant in vitamin C and K — vitamins essential in fighting cancer. Kale is also anti-estrogenic, which also helps fight certain cancers.

Be sure to only consume organic kale, as farming practice used to treat kale may actually be cancer causing.

Also be aware that too much kale may deplete iodine levels in some people.

Also be aware that excess kale consumption may cause bloating and create dysbiosis in the gastroinestinal tract. Cooking kale will help mitigate this.

7. Liver: organic, grass-fed, grass-finished. (4 to 6 ounces per week.) Beef liver is good not only for cancer, but also as a general health booster. Containing a plethora of minerals and vitamins — these are a sure bet to remineralizing your body that has been depleted by disease or otherwise.

These are the foods to limit:
Limit muscle meat
Limit fish

Avoid fried foods
Avoid chicken
Avoid eggs
Avoid milk
Avoid cheese and other dairy
Avoid all nuts
Avoid seeds, including chia- and flax seeds.
Avoid soy and tofu.
Avoid Omega 3 fatty acids. (Yes, you read that correctly!)
Avoid hemp
Avoid avocados
Avoid sugar alcohols
Avoid artificial honey
Avoid cauliflower. It robs your body of minerals.

•          •          •          •          •          •          •

Now, there are amazing other ways to fight cancer. I want you to research this: Ozone therapy. Ozone stimulates all the natural anti-cancer immune reactions in the body and directly is able to make cancer cells burst, killing them through the creation of lipid peroxides at the cancer cell membrane. Research the: Cold Corona Ozone generator.